"Raising Jack Russell Terrier puppies is our greatest pleasure ~ Breeding the Irish Connemara remains our greatest responsibility”

Jack Russell Terriers are known by many names and we agree it has become confusing. In short, The Connemara Irish Jack Russell could be considered a Russell Terrier an English Jack Russell and of course an Irish Jack Russell Terrier. Some also call them a Shorty or short-legged Jack. While there are some differences in the Jack Russell Terrier world, what really matters, is not what type of Jack Russell Terriers you are considering - But rather the genetics behind the lines and the breeding and socialization program the breeder practices.


Our website is comprehensive for when you seek specific and detailed answers. We also understand time is one thing you can’t buy more of…So below we use your time sparingly to quickly point out why our clients select a Connemara:

We health test our terriers. Approaching forty (40) genetic diseases tested for and ruled out in our lines as well as health screenings. To our knowledge, we are currently the most documented DNA tested and health screened Jack Russell Terrier line. DNA Health Profiling

Five (5) year comprehensive health guarantee. In addition, we will always be here to take your dog back in the event you are no longer able to care for it. Have the peace of mind knowing that your dog will never see the inside of a shelter. Guarantee Details

Polished Puppy Nursery Program. You want a dog who doesn't snarl, growl, (or worse) at strangers; Isn't possessive around food; Doesn't react by barking at every sound heard, and doesn't respond poorly to body handling. Our Polished Puppy Program is second to none. Environmental and social experiences make lasting impressions on a developing puppy. Important stages in development begins at birth and peaks at eight weeks. These early experiences will shape your Jack Russell Terrier pup and the life you share, for the rest of its life. Select a pup from a breeder that doesn't understand this and your puppy will be playing "catch up" for the rest of its life. Select a Connemara and know the pup has been socialized properly. Polished Puppy Nursery Program

Our "a la carte" Polished Puppy Kindergarten for pups 8-12 weeks of age - provided by a professional trainer. We deliver results and make you the envy of other puppy owners. Everything you need for your pup to grow into a well-behaved dog. Behavioral issues can be frustrating and even dangerous. If you select this option, we will spend four (4) extra weeks giving your new pup a great foundation in life: House-training, (potty mistakes happen at our house, not yours.) Basic manners, handling, socialization and introductions to environmental stressors such as people, other dogs, places, sights, and sounds so that you'll have a confident dog rather than one who barks and lunges at everything in its environment. Good chew habits will be practiced (bones are for chewing, the new coffee table is not.) Loose-leash walking, beginner’s recall (in order to avoid dangerous situations, you need your pup to come when called), crate training, Puppy play biting and mannerly greeting of guests are also addressed during this time. Polished Puppy Kindergarten. This is the single most important investment you can make in your new puppy.

Not only are we breeders but also professional trainers - which is very rare in our field. With our training knowledge and ongoing education, we understand the importance of socialization and how it not only impacts the dog for the rest of her/his life but the owners as well. Socialize a pup poorly and when an adult dog, his/her family will pay the price later. Socialize a pup well and you've got the best chance for your dog to be a permanent family member. You will notice how well your pup is socialized as soon as your Connemara pup arrives. Sheila obtained her first certifications as a Police K-9 Handler in 1997. More recently she was enrolled in a demanding program in dog training and behavior counseling.

Live Puppy Camera. See your litter of Jack Russell Terrier pups at anytime. Watch mom care for them and have fun watching pups play with litter mates. Imagine the peace of mind you'll have knowing you can always check in on the pups and know they are warm, safe and cared for by their breeder. You will see personality differences in the pups as they mature and come to know puppies in your litter quite well.

Private litter page with professional photos. Professional photographs of the litter and individual pups from birth to their last week with us. Once you select your Connemara, you can download all pictures for free or order through Shutterfly. Most breeders don't offer professional, framable photos like we do. Past Litters

We match puppy to you and your needs. Tell us what you are looking for in a pup. We temperament test all of ourJack Russell Terrier pups, assess energy levels and make notes on personalities. We then help you eliminate pups in litters that won't work for you. We next guide you towards pups to pick from that will fit well into your family and lifestyle. More here… Puppy Picking Process then read… The Right Puppy For You

Lifetime of free support. Contact us anytime to ask for advise. You will be a priority for as long as you have a Connemara in your home. From diet questions, vaccine concerns, force-free training assistance or ongoing encouragement. Training and behavior assistance is provided by our in-house dog behavior consultant. If you have a concern or need guidance with training, we make ourselves available to you during the lifetime of your Connemara.

Referrals. Over half of our Connemara families found us through a relative, friend or neighbor. Others simply saw one of our pups in public and were impressed in regard to temperament and sensibilities after interacting with them. Families have enjoyed their first Connemara so much, they often come back for one or two more. Our best compliments come from repeat families.

The Connemara is steeped in Irish history. If you enjoy history, the Connemara Jack Russell Terrier has history tracing back well over a century. It was originally bred by a small handful of dedicated terriermen and only shared amongst family and friends. This line has been carefully bred to maintain their manageable and agreeable temperaments and superior health. This line is known for being fantastic pets who get on well with small children, other dogs and cats. Connemara DNA Breed Results

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Social Puppies Make for Well-balanced Adults! Properly socialized puppies:

* are comfortable in their crate - when owners are home as well as when not
* learn good house training habits
* learn bite inhibition - respecting human hands and skin
(nipping or mouthing)
* come when called
* are tolerant of body handling
(nail trims, cleaning ears, kids, grabbing fur, taking things out of mouth, giving medications, bathing, brushing/grooming, etc)
* comfortable and under control in new or uncomfortable places such as the vets, groomer or other people's homes
* comfortable when separated from other dogs, pets or people in their family - able to stay alone without destruction, barking or nervousness
(separation anxiety)
* play, chew or relax without constant contact or interaction from owner
* tolerant of and sociable with other dogs
* not be protective of food, bowl, crate, toys or bed
* greet friends and strangers without jumping or shying away
* less fearful, nervous, or uncomfortable by environmental sounds or stimuli
* comfortable with different surfaces under foot as well as stairs

As your breeder, we will be an ongoing resource for you both now and in the future, so it is important from the start that we develop a good relationship and are able to work together and trust one another. If interested in a jack russell terrier puppy, Please browse and enjoy our website and when ready, contact us anytime @ (207) 221-0267

The shortest explanation is that the Jack Russell was never actually considered a breed until the last decade. There have been many different names used to differentiate between the taller version usually ranging from (12-15") and the shorter version (typically 9-10"-12"). The shorter Jack Russell Terriers are known by many names like: Shorty Jack Russells, Short-legged Jack Russells, Shorties, English Jack Russell Terriers, Russell Terriers, Irish Jack Russell Terriers, Miniature Jack Russell and of course, simply Jack Russell Terrier puppies. While there are some differences in the Jack Russell Terrier world, what matters most, is not what type/size/style of Jack Russell you are considering - But rather the health and genetics behind the line and the breeding and socialization program the breeder practices.

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