"Raising Jack Russell Terrier puppies is our greatest pleasure ~ Breeding the Irish Connemara remains our greatest responsibility”

Health tested, microchipped, hand reared in the home - Jack Russell Terriers for sale.

Puppy Goes Home:

Puppies at this age need lots of rest and can be expected to nap frequently.  Don't worry as this is perfectly normal.  Puppies tend to have sudden bursts of energy and then nap. Think of them as if they were little toddlers.


THE FIRST NIGHT - As soon as you get home, place the puppy on the floor and let him explore his surroundings.  Watch closely until he becomes comfortable with the new scents and surroundings.  It is a good idea to put all other animals away while doing this.

irish jack russell terrier puppies, irish jack russell terrier puppies for sale
Your puppy might be afraid for a short while - remember he has just left his mom, litter mates and everything that was familiar to him. Encourage him to check out rooms or items he appears apprehensive of.  At night it helps to cover the puppies crate with a blanket.

If you have small children, supervision is required until the novelty wears off and they learn to coexist without annoying each other.  A little toddler can severely injure a puppy should they fall on the pup, drop the pup or pick it up incorrectly.  An impact to their soft skulls can be fatal. Teething puppies can and will nibble on little fingers!  Their new teeth are as sharp as pins and it will take a while to get the pup to understand that he can not play with the child by nibbling.

For pups first night at home, put him in his crate next to your bed where he can hear, see and smell you.  Give him an old blanket, towel or  fleece material to lie on. After this transitional night, decide where he will sleep and stick to it
irish jack russell terrier puppies, irish jack russell terrier puppies for sale

irish jack russell terrier puppies, irish jack russell terrier puppies for sale
THE HARD PART......your puppy may cry, whimper and even howl but PLEASE do not go pick him up and give in.  If you do, you have just taught him that all the fussing results in you coming to the rescue - congratulations...you are well on your way to having the pup train you.  I know it is difficult, I have put crying pups in the bed with me before too!  But trust me, if you are consistent, the pup will learn quickly what is expected of him.  It will make life much more enjoyable for both of you.  Call me if you are having trouble with this after night two.


Do this the week before your puppy comes home. Start by taking a walk through the house looking at it through your puppies eyes.  Then sit on the floor in the middle of each room and see what he will see.

HOUSE - Electrical cords are a hazard. The pup can and will chew them. I have replaced many computer cords... puppies are drawn to them like magnets! They may also get entangled and choke so please take the time to secure all cords within puppies reach.  Windows that open low enough that the pup can escape, should be closed. Your pup will not understand it is a second story window he is about to step through. Cleaning products or any other chemicals left out could prove to be dangerous or fatal as well.  I could go on and make a list of things to be careful of but don't feel it is necessary if you simply use common sense.

Check fencing to be sure there is no way for your puppy to escape the backyard.  Look for places he may try to crawl into or under and become stuck or injured. Terriers can tunnel under a fence much faster than you would think. Secure the fence before you have a missing puppy and crying children.

If you have a swimming pool you may have to run chicken wire or similar across the bottom of your pool fencing as an added precaution to prevent your puppy from getting into the area and drowning.  Jack Russell's LOVE water but an unattended pup in the pool area could fall in and not know how to get out - or know how but will not have the strength to pull himself up and out.

GARAGE - Again, common sense will go a long way here.  Chemicals on the floor, an automatic garage door opener...LQQk around and move or take care of any hazards.  Don't forget the vehicle itself;  Do you leave the doors or windows open? If so, please change these habits now.  If a pup gets into a vehicle undetected, he could suffer from heat exhaustion.  This does happen - we know someone who lost their little dog in exactly this manner.  You would be devastated and blame yourself if something happened so just try to head it off beforehand. 


Make sure you feed your puppy 3 times each day for now.  He should get a good meal in the morning and one for dinner.  By good meal I am talking about a little dry kibble with ground beef or canned food and the recommended supplements as a bare minimum.  Then Leave a bowl of dry food where he can get to it to snack on during the day. Your puppy has been eating ORIJEN Puppy, grain free 80/20 mix. It can be ordered here: PETFLOW

Your puppy has been raised on the following diet

Ground beef, scrambled eggs, and K-9 Puppy Gold (puppy milk replacer)

- We always add their puppy kibble to this mix.  For variation, we mix canned puppy food with hot water and dry kibble.

We also feed them whole,
raw, meaty chicken wings, thighs or backs as the gnawing and chewing helps teething, strengthens jaw muscles and massages tooth sockets.  As addition, cows hooves are available to the puppies at all times. On occasion they are also given pig ears.

Please have on hand one litre of Pedialyte (unflavored) for electrolyte replacement if needed.  You may add this to his food or water during this adjustment period.  This will ensure that your puppy is staying hydrated in the event he is upset and not eating as well as he normally would.  If your pup is eating fine, has no other signs of stress like diarrhea and appears well adjusted, discontinue the electrolytes.  You may want to save an unopened litre for another occasion such as unusually hot or humid weather or when he may be feeling under-the-weather.


An excellent diet is the key to maintaining optimum health and prevention of disease. We believe that natural food is the healthiest, therefore we recommend to you the following:

Raw, meaty bones should be a part of their diet - not an occasional offering. Offer for example raw chicken wings and necks to puppies as well as fresh ground beef. The size of the meaty bone is determined by the size of your pets mouth. Don't cut them up - let them to do the processing.  Meaty bones are the dog's toothbrush and are vital to help prevent gum disease and overall sickness. Start at an early age. 

Do not get confused and think we mean large knuckle bones or bones only.  These can often cause tooth fractures and constipation as well as pose a threat as a choking hazard. As with anything, monitor your pup when he/she is eating.

Cooked and minced chicken or beef is fine.
But NO BONES what-so-ever that have been cooked or microwaved to thaw. These can splinter and cause a serious problem.  UNCOOKED CHICKEN WITH BONE SHOULD BE OFFERED 3-4 TIMES PER WEEK.  Healthy dogs are not usually susceptible to Salmonella like humans are.

Table scraps such as lightly cooked vegetables, boneless cooked meats and anything you would normally have left over after dinner.  However, DO NOT feed fried fatty foods, cooked or barbecued bones, pork chop bones, corn cobs, breads, onions, chocolate or raisins. Remember cows milk can cause diarrhea.  And over supplementation of vitamins and minerals can cause medical problems.

The easy way to know what you can feed from your leftovers is simple: meats, veggies and go sparingly with the fruit.  A scoop of leftover meat and veggies from your plate mixed with a little kibble is an excellent dinner for any dog.

*TIP*   FREEZE red meats - then thaw before use. This will help kill most bacteria's that could be harmful to your pup.


Around 4-5 months of age, your pup will start to get his permanent teeth. There a few things you can do to help ease the pain and control chewing.
irish jack russell terrier puppies, irish jack russell terrier puppies for sale

1.  Use canned chicken or beef broth to make ice cubes and give to the puppy.

2.  Soak a face cloth in water, wring out and freeze. Roll up before freezing.

Sometimes their gums will bleed. This is to be expected. Your puppy will want to chew more during this time, but it may be too painful to do so (hence the suggestions above.) You probably won't find any of the teeth your puppy loses, as puppies typically swallow them.

*Interesting bit: When a puppy is getting his back molars (around 6 months) sometimes they will have swelling that will cause their ears to go up.  Nine times out of ten, the ears will go back down after the molars come in.  On occasion, and to our disappointment, an ear will stay up ("Prick ear")  there is nothing wrong with your pup and he will be fine.  If you don't like the small "defect in conformation" - we can instruct you on how to tape the ear down and hopefully re-train it.


We do not feed our Jacks rawhides. They are difficult if not impossible to digest, and we've seen dogs choke on them after chewing because they become soggy and slippery. 
However, a small pup with his baby milk teeth can chew on rawhide without a problem.  (Please note: In some countries, an arsenic-based preservative is used in the processing of rawhide chews. If you purchase these products, stick to brands processed in the U.S.)

Once they get their permanent teeth (4-6 months) we recommend NYLABONE EDIBLES. They are; digestible, bio-degradable, no plastic, bone-hard, and our dogs love them.  They are made with carrots, spinach, peanuts, bacon, spearmint, ham & cheese, turkey & rice, or lamb & rice, cheese protein and a gelatin base. No color additives, plastic, salt or preservatives. Good for fighting tooth plaque. Satisfies the chewing needs of our Jacks in a safe and healthy way.

We always have a supply of tougher NYLABONE products on hand as our big chewers LOVE them! Your puppy or dog will spend hours chewing on these safe products. Three we highly recommend are:
* * * * * small (for puppies) * * * * * medium (for adults) * * * * *

Try DOG.COM online or TARGET stores for the best prices.

PIG or LAMB EARS - Quite greasy so we save and give out only on occasion. COW HOOVES - GREAT for those that really enjoy chewing.

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