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Getting your jack russell puppy to you:

You can use our courier service to have your puppy driven or flown to you. We do not ship puppies in cargo.

Want to Fly to Maine to Get Your Puppy?

If you prefer to fly in and retrieve your puppy, the airlines charge between $100-200 to carry a pup in the cabin with you. Please give us a ring or go to for helpful info. We can meet you at the airport.

Personalized Driving Service:

Our courier can meet you somewhere along the way. For example; If you live in Pennsylvania and you are willing to drive to Boston, the courier can arrange to meet you and save you a total of 4-6 extra hours of driving (round trip). If you live in New York, they can meet you in Portsmouth, NH - shortening your drive by 3 hours total.

To do this, we ask the following:

  • Be flexible and consider couriers schedule.
  • Agree to delivery fee: $1.00 per mile (roundtrip). To calculate, please use google maps - fastest route from Raymond, Maine to pick-up city/town location. We have calculated the most popular meeting places below for your convenience.

Personalized flying courier service:

Based on where you're located, we can fly your puppy in cabin (with our courier) to the airport most convenient for you. Please ask us more about this option or see details below.
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"Perrie" on a plane ride in California.

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Courier delivery fees:

HAMPTON, NH = $160
BOSTON, MA = $240 (Logan Airport)
HOPKINTON, MA = $300 (best choice west of Boston)
NORTH EASTON, MA = $300 (great p/u south of Boston)

More about getting your jack russell puppy to you

I hope it goes without saying that we are unable to drive across the country - But we occasionally take little travel trips/breaks after the litters are raised. We have met people in Denver, Tucson, Dallas and Orlando. We have dropped pups off on layovers in Detroit, New York and Atlanta... so anything is possible - You won't know unless you ask. If we fly with your puppy, the only fee will be what the airline actually charges us to carry the puppy onboard. This is on average $125 (depending upon airline). This service is not often available but when it is, we will be happy to provide it to you.

Sales Tax: Maine requires a 5.5% "point of sale" tax on puppies sold. This means that if you pick up your puppy anywhere in the state of Maine, we must charge sales tax.


The cost for this is calculated by the hour. $45 an hour from the time the flight leaves Maine to the time it returns back to Maine. A recent example of this would be a courier charge from Portland, ME to Houston, TX. The courier fee was $500. This was a 12 hour day for our courier. If you choose this option, you are also responsible for covering the cost of the flight and the puppies ticket.
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"Lola" does a lot of first class traveling with her Mum, Deborah from New York to California.
TRACK FLIGHTS HERE: enter airline & flight - then set to send phone updates.
WE USE GOOGLE MAPS: enter the agreed meeting locating in this website and our courier will meet you there with your pup.
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Winston loves car rides. He's a snuggly fella who goes everywhere with his family in Connecticut. Most of our jack russells love to go for car rides.
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"Seamus" and "Riley" on a road trip in Pennsylvania. - Dan Zimmerman Photography.
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"Seamus" is one of the coolest jacks I know. He lives with his Connemara jack russell terrier brother "Riley" in Pennsylvania. This photos was taken by his talented human Dad, Dan. - Dan Zimmerman Photography