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Jack Russell Breeder Beamish

Beamish has average terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (mice) and ball drive (retrieving & chasing). He is a sensible dog and not an over-reactive dog, meaning he uses his head to think a situation through. Defensive drives; Beamish is not a bully in any way, he never causes trouble and always gets on well with other dogs. He is an absolute love magnet. If you have love to give, he is right there, ready to soak it all up!

DOB: 5/4/2018
HEIGHT: 10.5"
CHEST: 16"
WEIGHT: 17 lbs
COAT: Smooth Coat

CROSS: Banshee x Tadgh

ABOUT BEAMISH: He is one stocky fella. Beamish is dense to pick up, strong and very muscular. He is a melt in your arms kind of guy. He just bee bops around here all day in no rush to do anything at all. Except eat. He loves food!

If Beamish could live anywhere: This boy is all country! He could fit in easily in any type of environment but the heat might get to him. New England would probably be the best choice for him. Maine, New Hampshire or even Massachusetts would be a good fit.

Food! He is a total chow hound. Beamish will eat just about anything.
Following along on trail walks.
The water hose! He loves to get at it and "show it a lesson".

Being left alone.
When his meals aren't prepared on time.

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