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Welcome to Connemara Terriers. Our Jack Russell Home.

Click on the video below for a tour of the outside of our home.
Stephanie's home (below) is where she and her family are continuing the tradition of raising the Connemara. A bit of trivia: Stephanie and her husband purchased their home from Sheila back in 2008. So Connemara has moved back to "Frog Hollow"…a place they called home for many years and have now returned to. Here are a few photos below. Our home is located in Maine.

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Above: The red building to the right is the area where some of the dogs sleep at night. It is a fully climate controlled building with heat and air conditioning. The entire area of grass you see is also now fenced for the dogs to run freely. The puppies are always kept in our home, not here. As well, we have a large, fenced back yard behind the house for the dogs to run and play all day.
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Above: Side view of the kennel. The other red building seen to the right behind it, is an old horse barn now used for storage. This yard space is all fenced now for the dogs to run freely and safely.
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Above: This is the front of the kennel. We are in the process of adding a fenced in yard for this space.
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Above Update: The fencing is now complete!
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Above: Fencing of our back yard.

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Above: Smithwicks hanging out on the back of our couch. She has assumed the very place our old girl Kiley used to lay.

Below: Our living, kitchen and dining area. This is where the pups are whelped and raised.

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This is beautiful "Dash" in California. His human mom is a positive reinforcement, force-free trainer who loves to take him to to the next level. He's a well rounded and very socialized little fella. He is an Ethel x Cully cross.

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