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Jack Russell Breeder Guinness

Guinness has average terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (mice) and ball drive (retrieving & chasing). He is a sensible dog and not an over-reactive dog, meaning he uses his head to think a situation through.

DOB: 6/25/2018
14 lbs
COAT: Smooth Coat

CROSS: Freckles x Toby

ABOUT GUINNESS: Guinness is a Black and Tan Irish Jack Russell. He is a friend to all! He's such a sweet little fella. He's a little social butterfly and loves to bounce from person to person or dog to dog.

If Guinness could live anywhere: New Hampshire would probably be a good fit for him. I'm sure he'd enjoy all the beautiful hiking NH has to offer. Guinness is always up for a new adventure.

To hang out with his human "Hudson".
Bully Sticks
Running and playing with all the other dogs.
Squeaky toys.

Being left alone.
When he wants to play and the other dogs don't.
Loud noises.

The black and tan irish jack russell is also known as the hunt terrier in America. In Ireland they are just known as a black and tan irish jack russell. Or a black and tan jack russell.

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